Alien Power Plant Found On Moon, Apollo 16 Mission Archives, July 2013.

Date of discovery: July 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Image Name: AS16-P-4095
Date of photo: April 21, 1972
Center Coordinates: 8.91°,178.31°
Near: Stein Crater, West of
Mission: Apollo 16

Extraordinary picture from the Apollo 16 archive. Image clearly shows, in detail, a structure that in my opinion looks like a power plant of some kind. Whatever the object is, it seems to be generating or attracting a plume of pure energy.

It could of course be an Alien ship of some kind re-fueling, drawing energy from the platform.

Note the crooked cable type objects which seem to be growing out of the base, these could possibly be supplying the platform with energy, it would follow then, that an alien ship could come along, and draw energy directly from the energized platform. Incredible image whatever it is. 


  1. wow.... thats amazing, to add into that, if you go to the top left hand side of that original image, following the line of "whatever that is", you can see another part of it in the next dark area!!!

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