Glowing Orb Shows Curiosity Around Persons Garden Area In Spain On June 2013.

Date of sighting: June 2013
Location of sighting: Spain

This is a very fairy like glowing orb that is moving through the neighbourhood. We can see several important things about it. For instance, it does not flap which tells us is not an insect or bird. Its mostly oval in shape, but its shape seems to change. Its also very curious about things. It comes close to several places landing on the house roof and almost on some branches. During this whole time never once did I see it flap any sort of wings. Very odd, but many glowing and non glowing orbs have been seen close up and reported this year. Often being baseball in size. If this is an alien orb, it looks more like an entity than a ship. SCW


  1. 4 years ago Me and my brother saw a strange orb like this in a avenue next to our house, here in Brasil, sรฃo paulo. The orb was floating around a tree, its size as alike to this orb in video, although it was a bright blue in color, like a small star. It was very close to the street and another persons saw it too... it floated around the tree 3 or 4 times and the sunddely flied upward straight to the night sky... so bright it was, we could still see it from a great distance up in the skies. That was a very weird event and we talk about this often. We think this is some kind of prob.. used to colect information.

  2. that my friend has got to be a ghost


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