Golden Structures On Mars In The Thousands, Near Lonar Crater, July 2013.

Date of discovery: July 10, 2013
Location of discovery: Between Gemini Scopuli Crater and Lonar crater, Mars

I love using Google Mars to find evidence of ancient aliens and as always, it never lets me down. Although Google is working with the US government to hide alien evidence, thus seen through only 25% of Mars being is a focused quality, most of Mars...nearly 75% is deliberately blurred so that we cannot even view the shapes of mountains. 

Here I found not ten or twenty but literally thousands of tower like structures and in this one area the structures have a metallic gold tone to them. The gold tint changes kind of how Black hills gold changes from a gold pink to a gold green in tint, but this only makes it more evident that they are alien structures. 

Measuring between 90-120 meters across their top, these buildings inside would be equal to a square football field. Thats no small amount of space for any building. Look at how the buildings are spaced apart. There are no buildings that are side by side, touching one another. This disbursement also tells us that they were created by intelligent beings. Think of it like trailers spread out around a trailer park or houses lined up around the neighbourhood one by one with space between. 

With evidence like this we are slowly forcing NASA to change their mission, which was to hide aliens from us for the next 200 years...and instead they are changing it to a release date of about 50 more years before the truth is going to come out. What changed them? We did...the public by showing the world the truth...that which NASA had a mission to coverup. People are revealing evidence in NASA books, photos, videos and live cam footage that is causing panic in NASA. Therefore NASA starting late last year has decided to slowly reveal info about life on Mars...as seen when the said "yes water is on mars," and just last week, "ancient life was once on Mars." SCW

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