Massive UFO Caught In NASA Apollo 15 Photo, Discovered This Week! August 2013.

Date of discovery: August 21, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Moon near Mare Imbrium
Original date of photo: July-August of 1971
Mission of photo: Apollo 15
Image Name: AS15-M-1555
Coordinates at moon: 28.54°,-24.18°

This UFO looks more like the Death Star from Star Wars than a typical disk like UFO we often see. This is a massive orb ship. You can see by its close up that it does have a unique shape. This is no small little orb like we are use to seeing near the ISS or near planes and clouds. This is massive. I estimate this UFO to be 2-3 miles across and is further away that it looks in the photo. This is a lucky find and more terrific evidence that aliens not only exit the universe, but they are here in our own solar system. SCW

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