Three Glowing UFOs Over Nashville, Tennessee On August 6, 2013. Email Report.

Email Report
Date of sighting: August 6, 2013
Location of sighting: Mount Juliet, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I had to add brightness to the mailed in photo but here it is, and I placed a close up of the UFOs above. As you can see they UFOs are in between the trees. A very cool catch, and darn good photo for an just an iphone. SCW

Eyewitness states:
Here is a photo. Granted not a very good one from my iPhone. There was a formation of three lights flying in a triangle. It was about 9 pm on 8-6. My guess it was helicopters in formation, but have no way of knowing. Thought you might be interested. There was also a low hum associated with the lights.


  1. My family and myself saw the same lights. Still not sure what we saw. No blinking lights as you would normally see with planes or helicopters. The lights were greenish blue and would fade in and out, no steady blinking. I'm 41 and have never seen something that I couldn't explain, still confused. Saw the lights north of Murfreesboro near Walter Hill.

  2. My family and I saw the same light. The lights were a greenish blue and did not blink steadily, kind of faded in and out. There was no blinking lights usually associated with. Aircraft. At first they were in a triangle pattern then they would move around. Still trying to figure out what we saw . We saw the lights around the Walter Hill area.

  3. My family also saw this on this night...8-6-13. We were leaving Providence, heading toward Lebanon road, and i could see the lights out toward the lake and moving our direction. We pulled over at the high school, and i also photographed them on my cell phone. Unfortunately, my phone does not have a good camera . We watched them pass over the back side of the school property toward providence, and then on past , They appeared to be 3 lights in triangle formation , as the picture above, but they were pretty far apart. If they were on the same vehicle, it was very large. I could also not hear any sound from the object(s), only the roof air units on the school. Found on the Nuforc and Mufon websites that there were also reports in Hendersonville, Mount Juliet, Murfreesboro and Smyrna in chronological order from around 9 pm thru 945....which was the exact direction we observed it travelling

    1. Wow, very cool sighting. At least you tried to get photos. Most people would forget to try. If you see them again, let us know. UFOs never visit a sight once...but frequent areas.

  4. My family also saw this in Mt Juliet on this same night. We were travelling from Providence toward lebanon road, and the lights were coming straight toward us. We pulled over at the high school, and watched them pass just behind the school moving toward providence. They continued on past the mall, and we went home. I discovered later there were also reports on the TN Mufon website, as well as NUFORC website of sightings in Hendersonville, Mt Juliet, Murfreesboro, and Smyrna of the same triangle with 3 lights , all in chronological order from 9 to 930 pm. They also line up if plotted on a map of middle TN


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