Two UFOs At Taj-Mahal, India On August 2013, One Is A Drone From The Main UFO.

Date of sighting: August 2013
Location of sighting: Taj-Mahal, Agra, India

Notice that at 2:29 (pause it) you will see not one but two UFOs there. One seems to have wings like a bird, but its not a bird or a bug. It shoots toward the UFO, then makes an impossible hard 180 degree turn back to where it came from. It is a drone from the UFO. They came to see an ancient holy structure made back in 1632. SCW

A UFO flew over the Taj-Mahal palaces according to some military troops and locals recently, report the Inquisitor. The world wonder has had an increase in such sightings recently and with smartphone technology so common today, people are beginning to record. A most recent UFO sighting also conflates the story of what citizens along the India-China borderline have also seen India's defense minister denies all claims, in a fashion similar to what the United States used to do until documents were recently made public to all Americans. Again in a very uncannily similar fashion to the US government, the minister explains the sightings by various Indian citizens as science. The government official says the people of his country are just seeing the planets Venus & Jupiter. It's visible to people near the Taj Mahal because they live in a higher altitude.


  1. I've seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) today and I am sure it was some alien spacecraft moving very high in the sky.

    Basic details of this event are :

    Location : New Delhi (India).

    Date : 27th April 2014

    Time of visibility : 07:57 PM - 07:58 PM Evening (Just for a minute).

    Coordinates of my exact location Latitude : 28.6236
    Longitude : 77.2903

    The UFO was moving at a very high speed. It was so distant that it looks like a star. Its direction was right over my head (90 degree straight upwards.) It was moving from South to North.

    I am pretty sure it was a ufo..why ? I am explaining some reasons :

    Why it can't be an Airplane ? : Forget it.. An ordinary airplane can't fly at so much higher altitude. It was a very distant object. Airplanes use to flash and flick the lights but it doesn't flashing. It was looking just like a star due to its higher distance. Airplane are slower even at low altitudes but that object was very fast at a extremely higher altitude. Its shape was also doesn't resembling any type of Airplane.

    Why it can't be a meteor or comet ? : Usually a meteor or comet leaves a long trial behind them but this object doesn't have any.They are also very bright but the object I've seen was not so bright like a meteor.There speed is extremely high so they can be seen only for a short interval of time (for few seconds). But it was visible for a full minute. The object takes just a minute to travel a massive distance from South to North. It was very fast but not as much extremely fast as a meteor or comet..but believe me it was
    very fast...

    After doing some more investigation on it.. the last possibility i found was it may be a satellite, ISS of NASA.
    Then I navigated to the official NASA website and checked that weather there are some visible satellite activities happening over my location or not. I set my country and city. NASA thrown a list of events and I was pretty much surprised by results because there is an event of visible satellite today in my city. Then I was pretty sure that it must be NASA's ISS sighting .But then i found some more shocking and interesting results.The details of that event are as follows :

    Date of possible ISS sighting : 27th April (Same)
    Now the shocking details..
    Time of visibility : 07:20 PM (About Half an hour earlier)
    Total visibility time : 06 min (The object I've seen was visible only for a minute).
    Appears : 16 above North North West
    Disappears : 10 above East South East (mine was South to North)
    Maximum height : 52 degrees (mine was at straight 90 degrees)

    After comparing these details... its confirmed that it was not any ISS of NASA because the details provided by NASA and my reported details are differs so much. Time was half an hour earlier, visibility duration was one minute,directions are too much different and height also.

    1. i am very fond of astronomy so i brought a telescope and i used to go to my terrace and observe night sky. So during observing while watching the sky and weather i spotted a moving star like object and as said in a previous comment by a dear friend it was very high flying object..... it was not moving in a straight but it was rather roaming in the sky and direction was south east. Luckily it once came in my observation by telescope but it was still star like object which was roaming but if it a craft it would have not been so high and if it was a sattelite it would not have disappeared within a minute. I have been thinking about this incident.

  2. Hey ihave seen a 6 flying objects
    In my terros, those objects have four lights and the objects are spins around, exactly the time was 10:36, &10:43
    Place: huzurabad,
    Dist: karimnagar.

    1. Cool, did you get a photo or video. If so post the URL here or email me the photos. Thanks for telling us. Sounds amazing.

  3. Hey ihave seen a 6 flying objects
    In my terros, those objects have four lights and the objects are spins around, exactly the time was 10:36, &10:43
    Place: huzurabad,
    Dist: karimnagar.


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