Bio-Mechanical Alien Seen In NASA Photo Watching Apollo 11 Mission On Moon, Aug 2013.

Date of discovery: August 31, 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

I know its not the typical disk you know and love, but this is something special. A cross between biology and technology. This is an alien entity in that is watching the Apollo 11 mission as it orbits the moon. Understand that without much gravity to contend with, aliens would possibly fly instead of walk. It would be faster and this alien looks to be very old. SCW


  1. Wow great find! Your can see the head with anteni, back torso shell, and side wing type flaps. As well it totally looks as if it is comming out of the hole in the moons surface, looks as well that another much more younger type is following the entity out of the hole, as you can tell by the larger is watching it to be sure. Doesn't the head with anteni look to be just the right size to come in and out of the hole, or to peer out just like any of our insect species would do. Yes the body you woe say looks too large but think of the body being able to fold or change shape to fit, again just like our natural animal and insect life here on earth. THANKS SCOTT, you are intrumental in opening many minds, keep up the great work!!!

  2. mmm... i don't know. to me it looks like some sort of debry, or maybe some kind of symbol/sigil.

    don't get me wrong, i believe in extra-terrestial life forms, however, for me, this is really a question of anatomical structure. i just can't see this as a being that could function. it also doesn't help that the pictures quality isn't so good.


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