White Cloud Appears Near ISS This Week Possible UFO Trail, Astronaut Tweets Photo, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit, Near ISS
Source: http://io9.com/what-on-earth-created-this-bizarre-jellyfish-cloud-outs-1443885400

Astronaut Mike Hopkins who happens to be right now on board the International Space Station, jumped onto Twitter the other day and posted this breathtaking photo above. On Twitter he said, "I saw something launch into space today. Not sure what it was, but the cloud it left behind was pretty amazing." 

Now NASA tries to inform the ISS of all nearby events like satellite launches, missiles launches, rockets and such, but not this week. This event unfolded with NASA in the dark. Sure there is a government shut down, but they still have a lot of people on hand at NASA to keep track of the ISS and help then out. So if ESA and NASA didn't know what it was and didn't know about it till the ISS photos tweets from space, then what was it? It appears that the astronauts aboard the ISS got to see a UFO leaving earths atmosphere leaving behind it a contrail that ended in space. Look at the dark circle at the center of the cloud with its four leaf clover appearance. It looks like this UFO kept going into space and beyond. 

Then to match his friend on the ISS, ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano got a similar shot of the same phenomenon, but from a different angle above and he also saw the contrail of the craft that made it, which is the photo at source.

The astronauts didn't say they saw the craft that made the cloud, but only said they saw the cloud, so what if it wasn't leaving the earths atmosphere, but instead coming in from space? I strongly believe this to be true. 

If NASA cams were not down, we could have seen this for ourselves...but they spent more money to take them down, than to leave them up and running, so we missed a great opportunity this week to get actual video of the craft.