Hand Of God Discovered By NASA's X-ray Observatory-Photo!, Jan 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2014
Location of discovery: pulsar, called PSR B1509-58
Source: NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory

This discovery made by Chandra X-ray Observatory shows a a pulsar that has formed a unique and amazing hand. NASA calls it the Hand of God. One astronomer Hongjun stated, "We don't know if the hand shape is an optical illusion." But he did not it does have fingers a wrist and looks like a hand grabbing an object. 

Sure a pulsar made it, but the question I am posing is...was it created on purpose by an alien race? Its a great way to leave your species mark on the universe and let other species know that not only does your species exist, but that you were in that area first and have dibs. SCW


  1. mankind knows whats going on war in heaven these are malakim {angels} doing will of our father praise YAH!!!

  2. I am totally freaked out! This has never happened to me before in all my 50 years... 3 nights ago I saw this image clear as day in a dream and when I saw it on a news telecast this morning I became nautius. Is there anyone out there that saw this in a dream before it went public?

  3. This is really the hand of god. God is saving us from the macabre disaster which is threatening the earth and which is beyond human knowing. But that all mighty is our sole protector and he is using his limitless powers to save the earth and he will.


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