UFO Caught At Space Station on Jan 9, 2014 on Live Cam, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 9, 2014
Location of sighting: At ISS, Earths Orbit

Streetcap1 of Youtube has talent for finding things that other easily overlook. Today he found a UFO orb moving between the earth and the space station caught on live cam. Its hard to see so please make the video full screen, but first raise the video quality to HD. It will blow your mind! SCW


  1. i catch this one on video also, but I have a better one for you. Why beter? Look at my discription at the You-tube video: http://youtu.be/88kJtG983PE

  2. Whatever that thing is, you can see like clockwork each time the ISS comes back into the sun. I've seen it at least five times now. It appears about seven minutes after the cylinder thing (whatever that is) disappears. Is it possible it's the moon? It's certainly in orbit.

  3. Thanks Scott - Streetcap1.

    1. Hey Streetcap1, thanks for visiting. You do awesome work. You have a talent for finding these things that NASA missed. If enough of us find alien evidence...NASA will break and have to admit the truth.

  4. PS" also orb that rises from bottom right of screen five minutes before ISS becomes visible. Not part of ISS (I doublechecked). It's easy to spot as it is the only thing on screen.

  5. Cygnus supply ship. C'mon guys. Lets do some basic research before posting any and all "evidence".

    Peace. Jon in Omaha.


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