Minister Louis Farrakhan calls on President Barack Obama to “open up Area 51", Feb 15, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Last week Minister Louis Farrakhan made a video in which he called on President Barack Obama to “open up Area 51 and states, “President Barack Obama, call the scientists. Open up Area 51 to the scientists to the world, because you America are the leader that Allah God has raised and made you powerful that he might make himself known through you,” Farrakhan said. “And if America calls the scientists of the earth to such place, they will respond.”

How will Obama react to such a forthright request? Farrakhans view is messing with millions of US citizens at the moment, all of which waiting to see how the President responds. Will Obama be true to his promise of transparency, or will he ignore the request from the public, something we have come to expect lately from Obama. SCW


  1. the NSA monitors and observes our daily lives for through satellites and our phone calls.. They have such a stranglehold on the american people that I can't personally see the government releasing ANY information that could personally affect or alter our perception of life as we know it..we know the truth, and thats as good as it will get.. im sure President Obama is entirely to busy hanging out with Jay-z and Beyonce to even address this issue anyways.. and those are MY THOUGHTS!


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