Giant Triangle Structure Below Saturn's North Pole, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

I got an email this week from a reader about the polar region of Saturn. He said he could see a triangle structure around it that did not move. I checked it out and he is right. He has a Phd in robotics, but I will leave his name out because he is currently a professor in a university and I don't want to risk his job for this post. Please remember this is infrared...meaning it cuts through clouds and sees things a normal camera would not. SCW

Source: http://www.consciousness.it/saturn/saturn_hexagon.htm

The professor states:
I wanted to draw your attention on this feature of Saturn North Pole that, in my opinion, has not received enough attention. While the hexagon have been explained away as some kind of meteorological trick, no one has tried to stabilize the images to see whether other features were visible. I tried and I suspect that something is indeed visible. Anyway, judge by yourself.

There seems to be consistent geometrical patterns below. I've always been quite skeptical about the purported explanation of the hexagon published on Science and Nature, according to which it ought to be the result of some resonant waves (Allison, M., Godfrey, D. A., & Beebe, R. F. (1990). A Wave Dynamical Interpretation of Saturn’s Polar Hexagon. Science, 247(4946), 1061–3., Gierasch, P. J. (1989). Hexagonal polar current on Saturn. Nature, 337, 309.). My worry is that a resonant wave cannot work at those scales since there are too many factors that would disrupt it. It requires too much precision. It's not like a vortex that is a simpler albeit not so simple thing.


  1. HEY if there is a geometric pattern in the clouds..then Maybe it gives off sound!?

  2. Interesting idea, but how do we get measurements on that?

    I feel that the triangle structures are there to control the rotation of the weather, but that is only my hypothesis.


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