Moving Rock On Mars! Alien Animal Found, May 2014 UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: unknown...several years ago.
Location of sighting: Mars

Hey everyone. I made a post about this 3 years ago, but I wanted to make an updated post so I made this video to go along with it. 

Did you notice the other two smaller black animals that moved...in photo number 4? I made the video and didn't notice it till I was finished. 

Another possibility is growing rocks. Rocks that are living creatures, but not like we know them to be. I remember many years ago (4-6) William Rutledge...an astronaut now living in Rwanda spoke about his experience during his Apollo 20 mission. He said he saw yellow living rocks on the abandoned cigar shaped UFO in Deporte crater on the moon. He said they grew in size and a useful liquid chemical came out of them. 

NASA urls below. SCW