Many UFO Sightings Over Mecklenburg Nuclear Power Plant, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Mid april 2014
Location of sighting: Mecklenburg Nuclear Plant, North Carolina, USA
Fox 46 Carolinas News Source: http://www.myfoxcarolinas.com/story/25408671/a-series-of-ufo-sightings-over-mecklenburg-nuclear-power-plant

UFOs that visit nuclear plants are usually there to look them over, much how a UN inspector might go over the plant for leaks, cracks, and other safety issues. Aliens are very interested in our most used power source and how we deal with the dangers of that radioactive source. Their technology can detect cracks, glitches in computer programs and other possible systems that could fail and cause a disaster. Mostly they record the info for their studies. They are not there to fix them. SCW

News States:
There has been a series of UFO sightings near the McGuire Nuclear Power Station in Mecklenburg County.

Todd Slingerland of Cornelius has been capturing video of the object that he says has been hovering above the plant almost every night since mid-April.

Space Cowboy, Riley Martin phoned in with some explanation about the phenomenon.  He claims he has been abducted by aliens four times.  

"To my knowledge there are something like 49 different species of aliens that have been here and are here," says Riley.


  1. In early August of 2012 I was driving west on highway 150 about 3 miles east of the power station and as I was crossing interstate I77 I saw a orange glowing light about 3-400 feet off the ground. The light (UFO) was about he size of a small car and was shaped like a lantern. The object was just crawling along in the sky obviously under intelligent control. As fa as I could detect, it absolutely wasn't making a sound at all. I had my eyes on the object for a solid 20-25 seconds and saw it make a slow turn as it approached I77 and it did a nice easy turn and headed south. This was something that I have never seen in the sky in my 55 years and I knew

    1. Wow, fantastic sighting. Thanks for sharing with us.

    2. This object I have been filming for weeks I am the Todd slingerland I have noticed the longer it will hovers the more intense the colors pulse.i have many videos of this UFO. I have also watched this UFO pulse like crazy then it would just shoot in the sky and vanish I filmed it last night it just disappeared and was gone. I have some more videos on utube which is user name Todd slingerland I have someone from mufon coming out with a telescope camera this week.

    3. Thanks this object is amazing to watch I have seen it at least 30 times in the last month


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