UFO Over Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada On April 16, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 16, 2014
Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Eyewitness states:
I was sitting on my back patio at about 8:20 PM which faces the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas having a cigarette when this happened. Both the Strip and Downtown are about 12 to 13 miles away and I live just at the base of the Red Rocks and Red Rock Canyon which is about 1200 to 1300 feet higher in elevation than the Strip and downtown. We are one of the highest elevations for a subdivision in all Las Vegas so we have great views of the city and the entire valley. The lot and the views are what sold me on making this my home. (more eyewitness statement here.)


  1. I live downtown and omg i seen alot of crazy crafts.... daytime and night time..... it always has me thinking that the lights from the strip and downtown are so bright that nobody pays attention to the sky cuz what ive been fortunate 2 see has me thinking theres no way ive been the only 1 2 see these crafts.... its unbelievable what goes on in the vegas skies

  2. I seen this thing everyday for the last 7 days it's usually in the same spot in the south. but two nights ago I saw it in the West and it was moving and tonight I seen it shaking up and down and side to side with red and green lights blinking rotating

  3. it's out there right now in the shower so that's a lot lower than it was but it seems far I'm in Henderson so

  4. I totally agree with the post above. I too live is Vegas, I work EST, so I am up early everyday, like 2am or so. I see things at least once a week and have made a habit of getting coffee and staring up in the mornings. Just 2 nights ago, not too late, my husband and I saw a light moving from the west to the east. This was moving very fast, faster than any airplane. As it got to approx. Lake Meade, we saw another light come out of no where, line up right behind the first light and follow it until it was out of our sight. I certainly know the difference between lights on an airplane and these lights, these moved so fast there is no way it was an airplane or even military craft. Someone with time & money, should really consider setting up some sort of ongoing monitoring of our skies. The average person would not be believed and would be told they photoshopped any pictures. Something is out there watch us, and they don't appear to care whether we see them or not!

  5. did anyone see some lights in the westleigh subdivision near oakey and valley view early this morning around 330 am please let me know


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