UFO At The Space Station On July 2014, Live Cam Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2014
Location of sighting: NASA Space Station

This glowing disk has been seen around the International Space Station several times this month already and still NASA never says anything about it. Also note, there are two new HD cams so powerful they can see your car license plate from space. These two cams were very expensive and benign made by NASA scientists, are of course flawless. So, as we look at this video recorded by the famous UFO researcher on Youtube that goes by Streetcap1, we can see this is a very long, solid object. It is golden metallic in color and has matched its speed to the ISS. 

NASA will try to make up celebrations and medals to give to astronauts and even William Shanter...however it will not take our minds off the fact that NASA was created to hide alien life. They stay silent, because they have everything to hide. SCW

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