Alien Buildings On Moons Surfaces Near Zhukovsky Crater, August 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2014
Location of discovery: left of Zhukovsky crater, Earths Moon
Date of NASA photo: April 1972 (on photo)
Mission photo: Apollo 16
Photo number: AS16-P-4091
Coordinates: center photo is 8.84°,-168.52°

Updated on Aug 10, 12:30 am, 2014: Correction, the structures are in a photo labeled "High Resolution Center PNG 322.4 MB" I made a new video and uploaded it. Not sure why it was denied six times. SCW

Also have remade video and attempting to upload...SCW

Hey guys, I looked at a Apollo 16 photo for a mere five minutes and decided to check in an area of the photo that I imagined others would never check...the dark patches on the far left. There I found a tiny area of light that was only about 1-2% of the total photo. I focused on this area and found these structures in the craters there. Even some small craters had these amazing buildings. 

Example of full photo is below and shows the location of these alien buildings I found yesterday. Yes there seems to be a large face in the center of the photo, however I feel the buildings are more significant of a discovery.
Note: I have reported these structures on other planets, most recently I reported them on Mercury earlier this year. Click here to compare close up photos with those of this post. 

Notice the buildings are made up of many squares. These square buildings are linked together to form  larger structures. True the ascetic quality that humans want in buildings is not there...but out there, functionality comes first and those cube structures are doing the trick. SCW

I finally got the video up. Sorry for the lack of it for a while. Remember...if you download the 330MB size...a lot of lag will happen while looking a the photo. The 1.6GB size could freeze up your computer, but I will have a go at it in the morning. SCW


  1. we shall meet them soon real soon

  2. Picture 5 looks like an angry alien face
    Did anyone notice the glowing white man like figure just above the left (hole or eye) ?

    It's like the whole moon is an alien life form or a base is underneath and just now showed itself

  3. I am surprised those buildings didn't cloak from the satellite. Ancient aliens, I can't wait to meet em.


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