Three UFOs Flying In Formation Seen Leaving Earth Near Space Station, VIDEO, Aug 24, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 24, 2014
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at space station
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These three UFOs were observed passing the space station on live cam. They are moving! The UFOs actually move across the screen to the top. This is really rare to catch three moving in formation, leaving Earths atmosphere. Excellent capture by Streetcap1 and definitive proof of aliens sharing our planet. These UFOs didn't come from land, but instead came from the ocean area. Somewhere below the depths...there is an underwater alien base. SCW


  1. seem like they r moving at the same exact rate.. they r a strange shape. Toward the end of the video they look like big smoke rings. like what some say some craft or their way of propulsion produce. Some claim there's a craft using a "pulse detonator." as their power plant so to speak. IDK anything about them at all or if its a real thing, Have only seen one satellite image that supposedly shows its tell tail contrail crossing over the U.S. from west to east, from what my eyes saw in that image doesnt really look the same but its a different view. IDK could be anything at this point but the fact that they move at the same pace as the clouds makes me question if these things r moving under their own power at all.

  2. I'm sharing this with my friends on Facebook thank you very much for teaching us.

  3. I may be too late to see this and comment, hope by now you've heard of a stratospheric balloon in near space.


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