Ancient Statue Head Discovered On Mars, Oct 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: October 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

This interesting head was found on Mars this week and shows us an elongated skull, much like we have seen with some ancient skulls on Earth. We have seen such skulls in ancient Egypt and murals. From its curvature, this face looks reptilian. I have found other reptilian heads on Mars which only reenforces the the proof that the species did exist on this planet, but its only one of many species which inhabited Mars. This giant head would be about 3-5 meters across. It looks like its the head of an ancient statue. The statue may be buried from the neck down. SCW


  1. mars is the planet of ruins; wonder what happened there and why.

  2. I found a strange object one of the Nasa's panoramic view. This object looks like a car....Maybe i mistake, but darker, and bigger than surrounding rocks, and visible a back, and side windows, and a back wheel. How do i send you this pictures for check on?

    Sorry for my weak english.


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    1. although this looks like an elongated skull it just be natural formation that happens to be in the shape of an alien speice's head known as the grey's.

  4. Hi Scott,

    Wow, that rock sure stands out. There are several other rocks in the picture that seem to have faces carved on them. At least one seems to have a symbol or pattern enscribed. Look to the lower right of the conehead skull. There is a rock there that looks like the conehead's face with a while wearing a helmet. Note the blue light comming from behind the rock. I suggest small aliens could live underground there with a light source that is not the Martian sky. There is also a hole/cave behind the hill behind the original conehead statue. It looks like is is cleared out well.

  5. Compare it to the wall paintings found in a number of ancient Egyptian tombs. Note the conical head. It's a very similar morphology. These are apparently representations of the Annunaki, referred to in the Old Testament as the "Giants In The Earth". Obviously they travelled here from elsewhere in the local universe. They were not indigenous to our planet, and probably not even to our own solar system. At some point, humanity needs to "face" the fact that it is not the only intelligent life in our universe -- and in our own earthly case, I would need to say "allegedly intelligent life", given the way we've behaved toward our planet and toward one another!

  6. Hi Scott, I hope you can do more with this picture. there is a ton of items in this. some have purposely been smudged.There is so much in this. Keep up the good work.

  7. i saw a video from NASA in youtube of ufo sighting .see this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S2B5pHEmwU


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