Frog Statue Found By Mars Curiosity Rover? Sept 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 30, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Photo source: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00732/mcam/0732MR0031390130403012E01_DXXX.jpg

Looking at the Youtube Channel Jason Hunter, I notice he is correct is his assumption of saying this looks like a frog. It does. However probably not a live frog, unless it can sit there overnight while the winds erased its footprints. Is is true that many animals including frogs have adapted to look like their environment, so yes it's possible it is a living creature holding still. However, I do believe it's an ancient sculpture that has been pitted by the wind and sand. Its two eyes are visible as well as a long mouth. Its front leg and back are easy to make out. There have been many discoveries on Mars of many creatures and ancient ruins. All the past evidence from thousands of Mars discoveries endorse the fact that this one little frog...could be something extraordinary. SCW


  1. now youre really reaching with this one.....

    1. LOL, actually I found it cute and strange. I didn't make it look like a frog, it just is what it is. Reaching? Hmmm...yeah a bit, but you have to admit...frogs are cute critters.

    2. It does seem to have a a reptilian appearance when looking at its face more closely, but personaly i dont recall any earth frogs having tails but i could be wrong, as im perceving by looking at this alleged martian creature that just may have been fossilized by some outside forces from above perhaps ???...

      Not to long ago Scott you theorized that some weaponized outside force or force's just may had changed the bio living beings & mtr'l molecular structures on the ancient martian surface to a stoney like existance, so what im indicating here is that you could be on to something when noticing rover images time & again of statue like beings some humaniod in appearance that just may had been living beings before the life changing calamity in mars ancient past, also can some wrecks thats been recently filmed on mars surface be perhaps recent crashes & or purposeful & targeted death ray type destructions that may have occured say w/ in the last 100yrs or less thats also in this ancient martian scrapyard mix too, itll be quite hard to determine old martian tech junk from new martian tech junk via NASA obscured pic image's unless a earth origined & PYRIMIDAL UNINITIATED astrounat team beam back true specs of the martian scrap yard situation thats there UC.

  2. Again look in the wrong direction. The head of a large statue is to the right.

  3. Again look in the wrong direction. The head of a large statue is to the right.

  4. Upper left.... crouching Martian by large rock.

  5. What's more obvious to me is the large almost perfect circle of rocks on an almost completely flat surface.


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