UFO In Storm Cloud Over Liverpool, England On Oct 28, 2014, UFO Sighting News. Photos/Video.

Date of sighting: October 28, 2014
Location of sighting: Liverpool, England
This UFO was recorded at Crosby Beach in Liverpool this week. The eyewitness recorded five short videos of the UFO and he even zoomed out so we could get some perspective on the area and the UFOs location in the sky. The close ups in the photo above show a disk like craft. The colourful glowing lights may be due to the UFOs energy field around it interacting with the storm cloud that it is hiding inside. SCW


  1. This storm was a few days ago..was strange. This is a good spot by the person with camera. Cheers for sharing as i never see stuff like this in the net for liverpool. Kev

  2. I'm from Liverpool and the Tower that is seen in one of the videos is of the Royal Life Guards. It is not in use anymore as far as I know. It was used to monitor the sea traffic in the Irish Sea and the River Mersey. We get too few videos of UFOs from Liverpool I wish there was a lot more.

  3. I gave a valid opinion and a local knowledge of the area and you have disregarded my feedback. What kind of Editing are you looking for. So sad

  4. Nice capture of this aerial display
    Even interesting in the timing and location witnessed

  5. looks like ufo over kentucky fooage on you tube. the footage of fire ball and ufo next it.


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