Alien Cat Species And Base Found On Mars, photos, Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 24, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

This is one of the photos from the Mars Global Surveyor mission. Not only does it show an alien base, but there is also a face of the species that built the base near it. I found this last night while scouring the archives. The base is probably able to lift off of the planets surface. I say this due to its compact shape, however it must have been there a very long time for them to have created a face near it. The face itself actually has a line from below the nose to the top of the lower lip, much like a cat or lion. Russians have recorded sounds and radar images of a cat like species a few years ago. I will put the video below for you to see the actual Russian recording from the flight tower (May 2010) or (click here to see the Post I made about it). SCW


  1. You are loosing it.

  2. eyes, nose, mouth,beard..... cant they just be gee I dont know FUCKING ROCKS?? im pretty sure dirt or whatever, caused erosion throughout thousands of years to make it seem like a face... OP is a fag.

    alien base lmao, I like this site, but youre reaching a lot of times man.

  3. I don't understand the excitement over finding objects Mars that look like something. Although some of these items could exist it is questionable. I am willing to bet if one looked at earth's barren places you could find the same type of stuff. I do when I am out and about.

  4. it insults my intelligence when I am asked to identify something that requires a leap of imagination due to the fuzzy blur of almost every "artifact" featured.. Especially when the surroundiong turrain is so much clearer. Go into the desert and you will find rock formations that can be construed as any number of things if you can't see it clearly. I stopped believing this hokum unless I can "see through a glass clearll" Otherwise, it's just "messing with my mind".

  5. In time, you will learn & ultimately realize the various Human Animal/Reptoidal Hybrid Species of humanoid beings that existed in mars zenith along w/ the Full Human Species of martian humans before the desaster...

    Of course that is if ever official NASA/SecGov collaborated disclosure comes about pretty soon now, or them being forced to do so if ET trumps, no pun intended, there Proj BB FF possible planed future shock & awe op's, then of course NASA/SecGov & oh dont forget the vatican even, who may all might want a piece of the ET action if they can have it under there terms UC.

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