Alien Cat Species And Base Found On Mars, photos, Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 24, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

This is one of the photos from the Mars Global Surveyor mission. Not only does it show an alien base, but there is also a face of the species that built the base near it. I found this last night while scouring the archives. The base is probably able to lift off of the planets surface. I say this due to its compact shape, however it must have been there a very long time for them to have created a face near it. The face itself actually has a line from below the nose to the top of the lower lip, much like a cat or lion. Russians have recorded sounds and radar images of a cat like species a few years ago. I will put the video below for you to see the actual Russian recording from the flight tower (May 2010) or (click here to see the Post I made about it). SCW