Ancient Aliens On Mars, Carved Humanoid And Bear Found, Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Nov 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/164628/snapshots/418105

Its hard to believe, but faces are the main signs of life people are currently finding on Mars. This face is a bit eerie in the fact that its white...which is a totally different color than the surroundings. This white face looks to be made of the same material I showed you last week of a white wall made below some stones. However the person who found it seems to believe that this is could be a living creature on Mars. It was found by UFOvni2012 of Youtube. 

You know, where there's smoke, there's fire, so I decided to see if I could find anything else in the photo. Below are the things I found. Most interesting is the alien ship near the teddy bear face. Yeah, you heard me right. Have a look for yourself. Its there, and hardly a face you would see in an alien move. Aliens are not the scary beings the movies make them out to be. SCW
An angry bear-like face. Alien face or a face from their stories?
Above photo contains ship near the bear head.
Above contains an unusual face and a object that looks like a giant larva. 


  1. the bear face looks like a missed off Whinnie the Pooh after someone stole his honey lol

  2. Rocks,Rocks,and more rocks! People please don't exagerate, those who don't think alien life exist will move away even more. Take photo's or look on line of the Grand Canyon,enhance and see what you find,bingo,same thing! Go to the desert,same thing! Mountains....same thing....hello. strange events are there I think, but not on this level...pictures say a thousand words don't they?

  3. carved humanoid baffles the mind. speculation in science either abducted humanoid face duplicated on surface or face copied from the earth onto ufo ship and carved on planet during ufo journey.


  4. I want to believe as much as you do, pal. But your arguments and deduction here are quite faulty. You are seeing what you want to see in these natural formations and you're giving real researchers a bad name. Please cut this out and make posts with real substance.

  5. Maybe just maybe these heads sticking out of the martian soil are a type of plant or fungus. The hair and beard on the head is a type of plantation or vegetation. The neck is the stem of the plant. The arms, fingers, legs and toes with almost no muscle tissue are the long skinny roots of the plant in the ground that absorbs water and nutrients in the martian soil. The human head plant does not need much sunlight to thrive, and the long umbilical cord goes deep underground near the centre of the Mars Core, where it is attached to our almighty Mother God. This is just a hyperthetical theory that could possibly be true, judging by all the strange pictures of human Mars heads and deformed human statues that look like trees.


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