Red UFO Over Charlottetown, Canada On Nov 17, 2014, UFO Sighting News -Photos-

Date of sighting: November 17, 2014
Location of sighting: Charlottetown, Canada
Canada News Source: http://www.theaurora.ca/News/Regional/2014-11-19/article-3945362/Unidentified-flying-object-spotted-off-Charlottetown/1

This UFO we seen in a secluded area of Canada last week. The can't be a meteor, because its is perfectly round and red. Its holding together and not falling apart as it moves. It could be space junk, but space junk would be torn apart on reentry, this is one solid orb. SCW

News states: 
When Blanche Ward of Charlottetown stepped outside her door on Monday afternoon, she spotted something unusual: there were two small trails of smoke slowly flying high across the sky.

Ward immediately rushed back into her house and grabbed her camera. When she zoomed in and took her shot, she saw a small red dot with the two lines of smoke trailing behind.

She says the object remained in the sky for one or two minutes before dropping below the horizon and out of view.
It is presently unconfirmed what the object was. Ward immediately suspected that it was a meteorite or a piece of space debris. It is a strong possibility that the object was the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower which peaked on November 17 – the day of Ward’s sighting.

On the other hand, if it was a piece of space debris, Ward does not believe it would have landed anywhere near Charlottetown given its apparent altitude.

She has spoken with other locals in Charlottetown, none of whom actually spotted the object.


  1. What happened to it,did it hit earth?

  2. My son and I spotted this very same UFO over a campground near Big Bear Lake in California. It was viewed by telescope, and was stationary for at least 10 minutes with no smoke.

    The funny thing is that this happened during a church organized camping trip, and one of the campers was a pilot for FedEx. Once he heard our conversation he started to debunk that it was a UFO as if he was trained to do so.

    I believe the object generates energy for a mothership. Why place your reactor in your craft as being away from it is much safer.

    Dan B

  3. It looks like it could be some type of propulsion system boosting the UFO throw the sky like a contrail from a known aircraft.


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