Happy Face On Mars! Alien do have a sense of humor, Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Coordinates: 79°24'28.73"S 6°34'44.17"W
Method used: Google Mars (free program)

This smiley face was discovered by Youtube user TheCalifornian. I have seen this one before, and I have to say I am baffled at what these are made from. At one point it almost looks like trees, but in another it looks like ancient walls and building foundations. The smile face shows that at least one species out there has a sense of humor. 
Note: Two sources confirm there are at least 56 space faring species in our solar system (Confirmed by Bob Lazar of Area 51 and the Friendship Case in Rocca Pia, Italy). Lets hope we get to meet them first. SCW

TheCalifornian states:
Here is a happy formation from the South of Mars. A great natural formation from the maps of Google Mars.  Google Mars map coordinates: 79°24'28.73"S 6°34'44.17"W Check out my site for more cool videos of Mars.


  1. Check this out : http://vimeo.com/111049676

    How can ISS sighting be so low quality when they have HQ camera like in this video?

    1. Yes I saw that video last week and yes, we all know NASA means Not A Straight Answer. We see the crap while NASA insiders get the HD full version. NASAs scamming won't last forever.

      Nietzsche said it best, “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”

    2. More like Not A Single Answer for NASA

  2. Scott
    have you noticed that this small smiley is part of a big face?
    look at the 0:50s

    1. Yes I noticed. There is actually several faces surrounding it. Including the one in the larger dark circle below it.

    2. Awesome find truly the best at your craft. Looking forward to many more, keep up the great work scott.

    3. Awesome find, you are truly great at your craft, keep up the great work cant wait for many more to come scott

  3. looking forward to hear more from this 'smiley face'


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