Fleet of UFOs Near Moon At San Antonia, Texas Oct 4, 2014, UFO Sighting News Video.

Date of sighting:October 4, 2014
Location of sighting: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Chance of being real UFOs: 75%

Guys, these don't have wings! That rules out birds or planes. I have a 2nd generation night vision scope and I can see the wings on a bat 100 meters away and even on two F16s dog fighting one night. They move like a fleet of drones. I've seen such a thing once...on new years 2012. I only had a Samsung Note camera and missed it, but you can see me hitting my green 50nw laser on one and it flashed me back...hit another and the same thing happened (Didn't put the video up because can't see the orbs, but second part is below). This looks very similar to the formation I saw near Taipei 101 building that night...One of these orbs buzzed around the building fireworks that same night. (Click here to see the orb I recorded).


Eyewitness states: 
October-04-2014 a Cluster of U.F.O's were captured on video traveling over San Antonio,Texas..
On this video you will see a Cluster of Energy U.F.O's traveling overhead with an Infrared Video Camera and a 950 IR Filter....As you can see on the video they appear to be high above. At first they seemed to interact with each other in a Counter Clock Motion...They would Fade IN/OUT after some time they Pass the Moon.Giving us the perfect reference point..We clearly an see they are traveling at high altitude..At some point some U.F.O's were captured Appearing/Disappearing Right by the Moon...And how they Travel in a Counter Clock Motion never have I seen this..As I continue to film and zoom in they seem to be emitting some kind of glowing energy. At some point they began to travel until out of sight...In my opinion these objects were clearly no aircraft's or satellite's ..

Watch the video below in full screen mode please.