Travis Walton Visits Site of UFO Encounter On 39th Anniversary - Nov 5, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: Nov  5, 2014...the 39th anniversary of the Travis Walton abduction. 
Source: http://www.openminds.tv

I like Travis. He has a natural way with people and is one of the few authentic alien abductees. I do believe that a lot are hoaxes, but Travis is the real deal. I trust this guy with my life and am delighted that he has found the positive from his experience and tries to use the information he has learned to help educate the public on the alien species that travel through or live in our solar system. SCW

Travis Walton allegedly witnessed a UFO with several of his fellow loggers in the woods near Heber, AZ, on the evening of November 5, 1975. The UFO shot a beam of light at Travis and he was sent flying. His friends thought he was dead and took off. When they returned soon after, Travis was gone. They were accused of killing Travis and hiding his body in the forest. Five days later, after what Travis thought was only a few hours, Travis returned. Now it seems that Travis may have been taken on-board the mysterious craft and encountered extraterrestrial beings.

This year, 2014, Travis held the Skyfire Summit, a conference centered around his experience. To start the events off, Travis along with Ben Hansen of Night Vision Optics, took attendees out to the location of the UFO sighting for a night sky watch exactly 39 years to the day after the event occurred. The next day, the group visited the court house where Travis' co-workers took, and passed, lie detector tests.

We documented the visit to the location of the UFO encounter and the court house, and interviewed Travis about his conference.


  1. The experience Travis had mirrors many others such as the Barney and Betty Hills experience in the 60's . This has been going on for a long long time, thousands of years, The government knows it, and does not want the public to panic as was evidenced in the war of the world broacast by Orson Wells mid 50's. We can take the truth we have evolved. We know what is going on, the government needs to be truthful to the public.,

    1. Some people can handle the truth but there are scenarios that would pose grave problems in our social, religious and government structure which makes me aware of why the lid is closed so tight.

    2. The wprld is already aware and there are no such grave problems with the scenarios you mention.

    3. There definitely are grave problems. For one we live in a highly charged emotional blame culture. I don't think anyone could disagree with that statement.

      Let's say the world governments reveal the existence of ET beings and admit they are interacting with our planet and our people. There are multiple species and some are 1,000 of years advanced beyond our current capability. And just like humans some with very good intentions and some not so good.

      One night 12 year old johnny is returning home from school but never makes it home and it appears he may have been kidnapped. Now let's say that some people say they saw strange lights in the sky in the area johhny disappeared.

      You get the picture right; now we have a very grave problem. I don't condone world government secrecy but i'm observant enough regarding the world as it is and advanced enough to understand the reasons for the secrecy.

  2. I hope such interviews will continue, excellent.


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