UFO Over San Antonio, Texas On Jan 3, 2015, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 3, 2015
Location of sighting: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Eyewitness states: 
January-03-2015 a U.F.O was captured on video traveling high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas. As I was Skywatching using a SONY TRV310 /20x360zoom a glowing U.F.O Orb was observed. When zooming in you can clearly see this U.F.O Orb as it would Fade IN/OUT. It appear to emit a glow,not reflect the suns rays. It would disappear and reappear as it was traveling overhead. In my opinion this glowing object was clearly not a weather balloon/aircraft or satellite.
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  1. It's odd, glitchy footage at best. To claim that it is alien in origin is amateurish and embarrassing.

  2. Personally im a fan of Space Trance Music myself & thats just one of my assorted musical taste, however ANY music in a SUPPOSEDLY good sighting vid kinda take the realism IF ANY away from the vid footage imo..

    I have always thought, "why add music into the video" especially if its suppose to be a creditable sighting because to me it makes it seem so so corny & not everyone has the same musical taste you know so that alone may turn viewers off the presentation in a number of cases, & it have happen w/ me while viewin YouTubes UFO presentations where half if not 2/3rd's of YT's UFO vids are imo total BS anyway w/ music installed in quite a few of the vids by YT UFO vid uploaders that makes it a complete turn off w/me because good UFO vid presentations imo are ruined w/ any kind of music...

  3. Yeah.....totally agree....take that musuc off.....please. .....for the love of god

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