UFO Cloaks Itself In Cloud Over St. George, Utah On Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2015
Location of sighting: St. George, Utah, USA
Source: http://www.kutv.com/news/features/local-news/stories/Lenticular-cloud-in-Southern-Utah-takes-UFO-like-shape-66829.shtml#.VKs_XRZiCta

First off, this is a UFO cloaked in a cloud. How do I know that? Several reasons. First the 1957 case where a US Army soldier photographed a UFO slowly cloaking itself within a cloud. (Click here to view). 2nd, when I was in the USAF at a SAC base, my UFO sighting (seen by thousands) saw four long tunnel clouds created by 727 size glowing balls of florescent light. These tunnels were used every 20-30 seconds for another ball (over 25 UFOs in total) to start traveling down...like cars in a tunnel. Hidden from human view. Except they started above my parking lot in Rapid City, SD. 15miles from my base. Believe me when I swear that this is a UFO forming clouds around it to hide. SCW

News states:
An interesting sight was captured on camera in Southern Utah on Sunday -- a cloud in the sky that resembled a UFO.

Colleen Chandler Rue snapped the photograph in St. George, which shows a Lenticular cloud in the sky. Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form in the troposphere. (More at source).

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  1. my 16 year old daughter seen similar yhing on easter sunday 2015 at 11.20 am in Taylorsville Utah but it was the same color as sky.the only reason why she seen it was it reflected off the sun,


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