UFO Lightings Over Phoenix, Arizona On Feb 2, 2015, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Feb 2, 2015
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

This looks a lot light the Phoenix Lights incident that occurred in March of 13, 1997. Also on Feb 3 similar lights were seen in other parts of Arizona as we said in this post. Hopefully there will be other videos coming in, but for now, we have the same UFO in two different parts of Arizona. SCW

Person states:
Video capture by three young men from Sunnyslope area while walking to a friend's house and they notice these light flickering over Phoenix, Arizona.


  1. I have NO CLUE what that is but I can say that they look more like flares than the famous huge craft over phoenix, I think that was in '97 not sure. Hope we find out more about this sighting tho. very exciting!

  2. It was flares dropped at 10pm. the actual sighting with hundreds or thousands of witnesses said they saw it pass slowly overhead was massive and each was more in awe than the next to worry about video proof as with that many people sighting it, it should have been clear as day no proof is needed when you have around 6,000 people or more seeing the exact same thing, anyways the original sighting took place at 8pm and I still haven't found anyoriginal footage all I see is the footage of the military cover story of flares 2 hours later

    1. Where is the video of the military dropping flares? We need a statement of some kind where they acknowledge such an act.

  3. this is the third time im trying to post this information....
    8pm was original sighting which no one took video evidence of because each was in more awe than the next as the giant craft slowly passed over 5,000+ witnesses im sure they were each thinking invasion, not video camera. with that many people seeing the same thing proof is in the pudding,not the stupid footage that was shot 2 hours after the original sighting of the military's cover story about flares to stop world wide panic

  4. I was working at Estrella park that night.. . I seen lights and I followed them..I wondered what they were.. they were circular I tried to get a close look at them , I ended up driving as far as why Arizona then they vanished. .weird night. ..I'm positive not military I seem it..

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