UFO Over Russia Gets Attention On Instagram and Twitter, Feb 19, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 19, 2015 at 19:35 hours
Location of sighting: Vladivostok, Russia
News Source: http://primamedia.ru/news/society/19.02.2015/422100/neobichnie-oblaka-nad-vladivostokom-privlekli-vnimanie-internet-pol.html

Guys, this is not a normal UFO. Its like a drone, but its soul purpose is to create cloud cover for UFOs. I saw 4 such things create 4 cloud tunnels above Rapid City, SD back in 189-1990, then glowing bus size UFOs shot through them. I believe this is a cloud maker drone, either learning or testing its new tech...much like a new printer printing out a test page or two before it starts normal work. 

The cloud maker itself can only be seen partially with the help of infrared filters, for example I saw one in Taiwan when using an old sony cam with an ir filter on it. I caught it only for 1-2 seconds, but what I saw was a three arm star that turned on its end like a wheel, churning the clouds as it moved through it. I believe that is what made these clouds in Russia...a alien drone whose soul purpose it to create cloud cover for UFO activity. SCW

Russian News States: (Translated)
"Unusual" clouds over Vladivostok attracted the attention of users of social networks. The most popular version of the appearance of clouds - UFO (MULTIMEDIA) Photos from the event from other sources. Unusual clouds over Vladivostok. Photo by: Screenshot Instagram user @primdesign

Vladivostok, February 19, PrimaMedia. Users of popular social networks Twitter and Instagram got a surprise today, February 19, with the appearance of unusual shaped clouds in the sky over Vladivostok. In the photos, which appeared on the Internet more than a dozen tweets, and videos can be seen depicted quite remarkable "white circles", which immediately began to ascribe extraterrestrial origin, RIA PrimaMedia.

Unusual cloud appeared over Vladivostok at lunchtime and instantly became an eye camera lens and gadgets of many citizens. Some expressed concern, if not a UFO has left its mark. Others argue that these bands could leave the plane.

Unfortunately, the editors failed today to receive comments from meteorologists and physicists to discuss what could cause such an unusual form of clouds. Sure that all the laws of physics could explain it all, for example, thereby "effect of the Prandtl-Gloerta", which is most often remembered today internet users. We are talking about the origin of the clouds after the plane. All the same plane?

The emergence of the cloud due to the effect of the Prandtl-Gloerta depends not only on the speed of the aircraft, but also on the temperature and humidity. In normal or slightly elevated humidity cloud formed only at speeds close to the speed of sound. In extreme humidity effect can be observed at lower (transonic, "transonic") speeds.


  1. Looks like the exhaust from a pulse jet engine. Don't know what type of plane would be using that type of engine.

    1. It looks like it, but did you notice...no plane as it was being made?

  2. Wow! Very interesting. I like the difference between the white smoke that is moving rapidly across the rooftops and the white dash marks. The dash marks are not moving with the wind current at all, and you can hear the wind as well confirming the windy conditions. I for one would love to hear feedback on this sighting. A previous comment said something about exhaust from a pulse jet engine. I would love to hear more about that as well. Thank you Scott for all you do. And a big thank you to all the people who keep their eyes on the sky and share with us.

    1. Your welcome. Glad you like it. I will look for more info on the sighting.

  3. I agree I to think its awesome and would like to read more about it also would like to tbank everybody who takes time to vive us all these gr8 sightings and to scott for all the stuff u share with us all keep it up:)

  4. Many of your favorite authors have used these documents to build their theories, and you would be surprised by how many of them are debunked or reinforced by the information in the Blue Planet Project Book.


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