UFO Hidden In Cloud Over New Jersey, Jan 9, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 9, 2015
Location of sighting: Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA
Source: MUFON report #62639

This is another case of a UFO pushing down int the cloud from above. The UFO looks triangle in shape, but its propulsion pushes out and creates a circle around it. Below are two football shaped black orbs, drone scouts to get closer up views. SCW

Eyewitness states:
I looked up into the sky and saw this weird hole in the clouds
I was driving to our local waste center when I looked up into the sky and saw this weird hole in the clouds it was what looked like a perfect circle, i got out of my car and took a picture of it with my iphone. I have been a pilot for over 35 years and had never seen anything like it before. I did not see the two black objects below the cloud formation until I got home and enlarged the picture on my computer. I downloaded the picture to the weather chanel thinking some expert would comment on it and whe I went back to chec a few days later they had removed the picture from theit site.
Event Time:2015-01-09 12:55PM


  1. This is excellent evidence. When you can observe the UFO from above the sun cast a reflective light on the top of the drones, then the photo from below shows the shadow under the same drones. This has to be the greatest photos ever taken. If this isn't proof enough I don't know what is. I mean absolutely brilliant. I love it.

  2. wow! what a great catch!

  3. WOW! what a shot, always knew they used the NYC areas as places to recon the areas and deposit their contacts here, BTW those little DRONES are similar to ones seen farther up In Central Jersey during Summer 2014.VG Catch!!!!! BTW can this be ours like the AURORA PROJECT?????

  4. Just sent image 1 and expanded image 2 of my sighting over Freehold Raceway stables,no sound and hovering.


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