UFO Recorded In 4K Over Silicon Valley, California On March, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 7, 2015
Location of sighting: Silicon Valley, California, USA

This footage was taken by a drone with 4K video.  4K video is often set at 60 frames per second, but I found that this video was not fast enough to catch this UFO. Instead this UFO jumped from location to location. No bug or bird on earth can fly that fast! This thing is moving close to a mile in 3-4 seconds. Thats fast. There are no wings, but it looks like its flapping far away, when actually its rocking side to side as it flies. I didn't see any wings on this craft. It looks grey metallic in the screenshots I took and its shooting very close to the drone on purpose. You see, there are some alien drones that investigate everything, but the things that fly are what really attract its attention. Flying tech is worth seeking and scanning to see the current level of technology and see how we use it. Original video here. Video only allowed to be viewed on Youtube. Another close up copy of it is below.

I use to live in Silicon Valley in 1st grade, where I discovered the face at Cydonia Mars 37 years ago, and often watched the radar planes fly over my apartments. Moffett Field which is used by the US Navy, then taken over by NASA Ames Research. This UFO is in a highly serious air space. However I believe this drone is not from space, but from earth and made by aliens in Silicon Valley that help us by upping our technology...thus raising the level of awareness of humanity. The drone my be a watch out...security system for them...you know, an early warning system in case they were discovered. The US Govt doesn't appreciate such assistance, unless they work for the US Govt, thus may send people to capture them. SCW