Blue UFO At Space Station On Live Cam, April 24, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 24, 2015
Location of sighting: space station

The International Space Station has been a UFO hotspot for several years now. The live cam has giving us a lot of valuable images and video of suspected UFOs near the ISS. Streetcap1 of Youtube is the researcher who has caught the most amazing, closest and docked UFOs at the space station. This is another instance of that. This blue UFO was near the space station, and may have been there days later on April 28 when a launched rocket of the Russian cargo ship lost control and could not dock with the ISS. 
Perhaps they caused the cargo ship to spin out of control, as an experiment...what will NASA do about it? SCW


  1. The blue appears to be the "cloaking", not the ufo. The ufo appears to be inside the blue area surrounding. This is true of a lot of sightings. It's technology that prevents actual structure from being seen.

    1. I captured a clear UFO 10 days ago showing 6 strobing lights near space station. Uploaded to utube title is weird UFO near space station.

  2. Looks like another planet out there. Amazing how there could be so many and space is so dark.. the planets are outside our vibrational sight


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