UFO Over Rome, Italy Buzzes Passanger Jet On April 2015, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 12, 2015
Location of sighting: Rome, Italy
Source: http://www.centroufologicomediterraneo.it/wp/ufo-roma-straordinario-avvistamento/

This is very close to the area where the W56 friendship case took place, as well as the fact that the disk looks similar to the disks photographed from the case. This is a ship from an underground base in Rocca Pia, Italy. They are very friendly aliens that have 56 different species, and try to get themselves noticed, but tend to give up on communicating with us. They are worried they will frighten humans, so they try to avoid contact most the time. I also noticed that the W56 take things to slowly, in the friendship case things moved over decades, but we humans have a short life and must move much faster than that. These aliens...I don't think they die. They seem like they have forever and they certainly need to learn to view life from our limited perspective, a limited existence, but I don't think they can. SCW

Eyewitness states:
A professional photographer of actor agencies, cinema and singers, April 12, 2015 was recording an jet that was passing in the sky in front of the terrace of his house located in the outskirts of Rome. He used a Panasonic Lumix with 60X zoom, equivalent to 1200 mm. The aircraft, prospectively seemed located vertically above the center of the capital city, very rough estimate of the difficulty of estimates in these cases. He was careful to keep well framed a plane with a lot of white trail in the sky. So, you do not avvedeva passage, in field of view cameras, a strange unidentified flying object. Ufo Rome 800x400

An amazing image properly filtered, enlarged and edited to highlight the strange UFO. The surprise came when he went to download the file to your computer. In fact, with the greatest astonishment found that, at some point in the movie, in addition to the aircraft, something materialized, an undefined object on the left side of the screen and with movements that looked upward and that passed for a few moments. Then he vanished. Of course, as a rule want to UFO sightings, although not very sharp, the UFO was revealed immediately interesting, both for the dynamics of its movement, which for the appearance and color. What could it be? Let's figure it out by making an analysis. We, as always, to consider some possibilities conventional to see if the unidentified flying object falls into any of them. In my opinion, I think it was reasonable to exclude a plane as absolutely incompatible. Also, the difference with the plane that flies apparently at his side, is self-evident


  1. All looks great once you watch it for the first time and then read again the case reported.
    1) An experience professional photographer would NEVER take a shot by not centering the main object in middle of the frame in background of a sky
    2) Camera shakes…. Professional gear and professional person?

    Please review the above points and advise your view.

    1. When filming something at a great distance the slightest movement will appear to be a large shift in the camera work. Also he may not have had a tripod if he wasn't planning on doing a shoot. As for the centering: all photographers (and subsequently videographers) are taught that there are nine focal points seen through your lens (picture a tic tac toe board drawn on the lens. Your main focus should fall into our pass through three of these points in a N/S, E/W direction. Never at an angle. Always centering an object of focus is actually a standard practice for amateurs.

  2. The bottom pic looks like a tail view of the millennium falcon.. Haha it's Chewie!

  3. Scott, from what i saw in the newst pics, Nasa started blurring even Soho and Lasco pictures!

  4. Good thing zoom lenses don't compress and distort perspective. And isn't it astounding how many alien spacecraft disquise themselves as mylar balloons being blown by the wind?

  5. Design-wise, no one with an average sense of design is going to put the object of interest (the plane with a double contrail) smack dab in the middle of the picture: so to allude that the photographer is 'not a "pro", due to placing the subject of interest off to the side' is dumb, just dumb: what's worse is to then allude that the story should be discredited based on what's just 100% not true about design (especially 2-D design), is really grasping for straws and very imbarressing...as far as "shaking": who knows why the guy didn't have a tripod...maybe he was just fiddling around off the cuff with his equipment, and wasn't planning on turning this video in for christ sakes:.I mean duh, hello: obviously you do not have your 10,000 hours in as a photographer or visual artist what so ever...it doesn't even matter if it's been misconstrued as to if the guy was pro or not and had "one of those days" with this clip or what...and "mylar balloons"? I mean let's just get a little more non sequitur about this particular video with the plane and this particular ufo: are you drunk or something? There is nothing mylar balloonish here except your empty skull: I suggest colonics and at the least a food allergy test for you...if you want to discredit this stuff please spare us and grow some high-brain first or stop fogging it out so bad with all that garbage you've been eating, drinking, smoking and popping...


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