Red glowing UFO over White Rock Lake, Texas On May 17, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 17, 2015
Location of sighting: White Rock Lake, Texas, USA

Eyewitness states:
"We were fishing off a pier at white rock lake. It started getting dark and I had my neices my wife and daughter with me and they had to be in school the next day so I thought we'd call it a night. Long story short everybody walked to the car except my 13 yr old neice and myself. We were folding chairs heading off the fishing dock somehow I or we just noticed this huge lighted object right over the treetops.I stood there for a full minute and just stared and yelling at my niece (do u see that cursing a little which she responded (ya what is it)? It just appeared from nowhere silent just sitting there. After about a minute it just glided to the l eft about 50-100 ft.Than i tell her to run and go tell my wife if she sees it. She took off like running a 300 meter dash. I started pulling my phone out I put it up, while trying to zoom the screen it started moving behind the trees like it was hiding from the pictures. I got a 11 second video which only the first 3 seconds show like a orb moving behind the trees, which wasnt at all what our eyes saw! I always keep a digital camera on myself because of alot of weird star like objects I take pictures of which I didnt have this time.well thats another story. Yesterday I asked my neice to draw a pic of what she saw and she said she didn't know how to draw it. Luckily she drew it when she sent it to me I couldnt believe it. What I saw was just like a long line of lights I was thinkin cigar form, maybe because I was staring directly into the lights. I will post her drawing and snapshots of my video. Another weird thing is the next day i looked on websites to see if anyone else saw anything in the area and nothing was reported. I couldnt believe it. Where the object was wouldhave been a couple hundred feet above heavily traveled buckner rd.Unless somehow it only reveiled itself to us which i doubt. I could have amb o st thrown a large rock and hit the object. To close for comfort.Om glad my neice was with me people would have thought I was crazy. And her detailed surprised me.Now I wish I would not have asked her to draw the pic which now she might see more of these things, I dont know if its a good or bad thing, because I had 1 bad experience on new years 2 yrs ago.Thats another story also."