Space Shuttle Seen Flying Near UFO In SOHO Sun Photo, May 15, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 15, 2015, 08:00
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
NASA Source: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov//data/REPROCESSING/Completed/2015/c2/20150515/20150515_0800_c2_1024.jpg

These two UFOs were found this week on the NASA/SOHO site. Streetcap1 of Youtube found them and he believes that one of them may be the retired shuttle being used by NASA to visit an alien craft. In the solar photo we see what looks like an outline of a space shuttle going up toward another UFO with wings on both sides. Wings would indicate that this craft is used both in water, air and space. The shuttle-like object could be the secret X-37 shuttle drone, but I feel it is to small to show up on the soho images. 

Is NASA performing secret missions with alien crafts...yes. I know a person that works there from Taiwan and he is still there today. He said he saw a blue wheel craft that glows, turning on end like a wheel and can travel to the moon in just a few minutes. He is a reliable source and has no sense of humor about such things. This may be a new shuttle made with alien technology like the TR3B. SCW


  1. It is defiantly some constructed structure but not something that we humans have made. Considering shot taken a million miles away then imagine the size of this vehicle from few feet. The actual size confirms that is still impossible for humans to achieve. Building such a huge infrastructure without anyone on ground knowing about it not possible.
    Questions is what exactly it is, do we get any brief from NASA on such abnormalities?

  2. For me it look like solar flare have contact with asteroid or comet.

  3. if the Columbia burned up in re-entry, then I doubt a shuttle could survive next to the Sun.

    1. It's nowhere near the sun, it's near the Soho satellite at point L1 which is 89 million miles from the sun.

  4. Gary McKinnon said he saw off world US military on computers he hacked in US. This may be more evidence of that. Hackers for FREEDOM!

  5. I thk that the TR-38 is one of those joint malevolent ET & earth originated SSP operative projects to inhance a particular global group of elite earth humans Secret Space Prog's & militarys capability to travel & defend RESTRICTED territories given to them by those controlin melevolent ET's by granting the earths elites in solar sys territories that MIGHT be designated locales restricted only to them mind you, that is given by the malevolents to this worlds elites if the crap hits the turbine down here globally, where there escape plans would be that, & that is to "Abandon the Masses of Asses" left dwn here when & or if to put it bluntly now "When the Shit does indeed hit the Fan" roughly spk'ing, & & i thk the trade off again was now brace yourselves at your control modules Scott & Crew, & the trade off is; "This Whole Planet to the Melevolent ET's in THE END for US in trade for this superiority & escapist plan that those mortal chicken shit elites got up there no account sleaves im reckoning...

    Oh & i say might because imo i would not trust those melevolents, they just might sell those verry same elites out when that time is ripe UC now...


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