Chinese monks spot UFO over monastery, it changes shape from apple to Buddha, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 2015
Location of sighting: Baita Temple, China
News Source: http://energy.people.com.cn/n/2015/0601/c71661-27086693.html

Monks in China got a special treat this week. An alien craft hovered over their temple. This sightings is very similar to the Isreal sighting when a glowing ball of light came straight down out of the sky and hovered over the most sacred temple in the country...Dome of the Rock in Feb 2011. Then the UFO dis change shape somewhat, as if it were a jelly ball like craft. It is also possible that this is an alien entity, which by our standards would be looked upon as an angel. SCW

Chinese News States:
Chinese monks have spotted a mysterious flying object in the grounds of their monastery captured on surveillance footage.
The video shows a glowing object shift from the shape of an apple to that of a flying saucer, and at one point even resembles a sitting Buddha.

Monks said that they were alerted to the UFO when it flew into the hall of the temple in Anhui province, setting off security alarms on Friday night, reported People's Daily Online.

The footage shows the bright object comes down from the sky and hover above Baita Temple at 11pm, while continuously changing shape.

It briefly disappears from view a couple of times and at one point appears to fly into the hall of the temple for about 10 seconds. 

Seven minutes into the video, the UFO begins rotating increasingly quickly before disappearing out of shot amid heavy rain.

The mysterious glowing object has left monks at the temple completely baffled.

Father Shi Xingkong said: 'When I heard the alarm, I got up to turn it off before going outside to check and didn't see anything unusual. 

'It was only when I looked on the monitor that I could see the UFO.' 

He said that it is the first time he has seen a UFO.
Chen Songzheng, a member of staff at the temple, added: 'Had the UFO not entered the temple hall it would not have set off the infra-red alarms and we would not have known it was there.'


  1. Is the reflection of the light from the computer monitor.

  2. Super interesting and cool but I think it may be a moth or some other insect on the lens. Which Sucks

  3. I live in Hefei, its in Anhui province. Ive not seen anything on the news about this. Lol. I hope they come visit me.


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