Alien Ship And Alien Faces Found With Mars Rover, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/171865

Messing around in Gigapan indexes I found some cool anomalies that really say ancient culture on them. Some of them are faces, which could have bodies buried below the surface. Also one is a very interesting structure that I believe is a ship, but long since abandoned and may still be used as a building (1s photo above). 

Some of the faces depict human-like species, others show a feline or cat species, and another WTH face I have never seen before. 

NASA put this massive photo into false color (baby poop brown), so you need to hit auto adjust on any photo program to get the normal color. That is all I did to make it stand out. 
Scott C. Waring 


  1. I'm not sure about all these faces on this website.

    I regularly look on this page and believe there's a lot of good material here, but I think it's natural for us humans to see faces in objects or natural features such as rocks or clouds.Just my opinion.

    Love the website.

    1. I do have a masters degree in Counseling Education, so yes, I understand what you are saying. However if I hold my sony cybershot camera in front of this photo, it too recognises the faces. So, if a non human camera recognises it, and I recognise it, then maybe its real.

      Faces are the #1 most powerful evidence that humanity can find about aliens. It tells us more about them than any other evidence we can find.

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  4. One can always see 'faces' in rocks. Its natural formations that accidently look like a face. The only picture that looks interesting to me is the one that looks like a doorway that was carved out of the rock face. Hmmm. The 'ship' looks like a rock formation to me.

  5. Corrosion over time will obscure the true form of a object to a greater or lesser degree depending on the amount of constant elimental exposure, that includes wind air presure that moves sand & dirt dust particals on the object in question almost 24/7 daily perhaps & including w/ that humidity that then dries off via sun baking over & over cycles of those types of elimental exposures via great periods of great time UC...

    When i thk of it for instance example; those martian ancient air, land & sea vehicals thats thousands of yrs old even tho there off line pwr wise a long long time ago thats still standing & is used as we spk for homeless mutated humaniods & or critters on mars has to be & i mean has to be made out of mtrl's that we have not developed yet for its thousand yrs of elimental resistant durability imo...

    I think the rover should have a mini sand blasting device onboard for those very questionable ancient machinery parts that its constaintly rolling over if not allready installed for that purpose...


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