NASA Eyes Planet X And Know Its Coming, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

This video was made by BPEarthwatch of Youtube and he helps us understand where Planet X is located, how big it is, and how long NASA has been keeping an eye on it. How can NASA hide an entire planet? Easy when its orbit is 500-1000 years. Some people believe the planet is teaming with alien life and is responsible for reading humans on this planet. But the concern is, why did they create humanity? Some worry that humans will be harvested like cattle when Planet X comes back around. Me...I think they will just have a closer eye on their experiment and continue to be observers. SCW


  1. maybe ending world is near,persian from talk about

  2. Interesting article and video!
    It looks like a black hole with the jet beams and in other way something different and strange.
    There are a lot theories in the www about this topic.

  3. Scot I just can't believe that other astronomers are not coming forward with this info. Unless they are being silenced to do so.
    NASA had this info for many years, I forget the year discovered. I know I read It somewhere anyway the point that they alone are the only experts at revealing space odysseys is quite a depresing, appalling theory.
    Thank You again for your hard work especially defying the great odds of censorship

  4. Watch Michael Tellinger conference to learn more about this subject.


    It's very well documented, more facts than theories. He gives the most credible timeline of our past.

  5. Do we have any chronicles from the past about its transition? I mean, from 1000 bc?

  6. Hi Scott, thanks for this information,

    Planet X is absolutely related to the Anunnaki?

    I also write information about UFOs in my blog in Indonesian, but I also do not forget to include a credit for ufosightingsdaily.com, because I took a lot of information of what you share here Scott. UFONews.science if you want take a look of my blog.

    and sorry for my bad english. :)

    thank you for all this information Scott.

  7. Ok Ok settle down crewmates, the number 1thing that Im concerned about most is possible magnetic pole shifting as the planet nears earth, & if that happens WATCH OUT everyone because @ least two thirds of earths population will be washed away from the surface of earth im Ah Hum only speculating but wait, "do NASA knows of the possible geophysical earth disruptions scenario to come as a result of Niburus closes orbit", & & is that one of the main reasons there publicly tight liped about this for fear of global PANIC.???

    When Niburu reaches its closes orbit near earth then what, what if some the Niburu militarys personel units & there orbiting fleets decides to finish US off on this world for some unknown reason to US tho a specific one for them as to seize the remaining planet even after Niburu pases because lets be frank about this everyone & its this, this whole planet after 2/3rds of the global population is washed away & global land mass rearrangements are made as a result wont have the military & industrial infrastructure anymore to even think about military defenses of any kind against whatever's thats comming down to finish US off & i hope that the Nirubian military dont see what i see, hell a planet rich in mineral wealth whos global landmass is now topsy turvy w/ now approx 2billion suffering inhabitants most slowly dying off, well just hope those Nirubians are saints is all...

    I hope like heck im wrong on this one if were still around when it gets closer to earth.


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