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NASA Eyes Planet X And Know Its Coming, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

This video was made by BPEarthwatch of Youtube and he helps us understand where Planet X is located, how big it is, and how long NASA has been keeping an eye on it. How can NASA hide an entire planet? Easy when its orbit is 500-1000 years. Some people believe the planet is teaming with alien life and is responsible for reading humans on this planet. But the concern is, why did they create humanity? Some worry that humans will be harvested like cattle when Planet X comes back around. Me...I think they will just have a closer eye on their experiment and continue to be observers. SCW


2nd Stonehenge discovered in Kent, England Aug 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2014
Location of discovery: Sittingbourne, Kent, England

News states: 
A ‘sacred' path that may have led to a 6,000-year-old henge has been discovered on a building site in Kent. The ceremonial gathering place in Iwade measures 98ft (30 metres) in diameter and is formed of a pair of ring ditches. Evidence suggests the outer ditch may have originated in the Neolithic period, and been later transformed in the Bronze Age into a funerary monument, with the addition of the inner ring. The discovery was made by Dr Paul Wilkinson and his team from Swat Archaeology. It is part of a larger, ongoing investigation on the site, ahead of development by Persimmon Homes at Iwade Meadows just to the west of Sittingbourne in Kent. (More at source).