NASA Sees White Spots On Ceres From Dark Side Of Planet, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of photo: June 29, 2015
Location of photo: Ceres
Source: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA19584.jpg

NASA has published another Ceres bright spot photo and it looks really strange. Its taken on the dark side of the planet and the spots are lit up like they were Disneyland. This is 100% proof that they are not ice or glass fragments, because they glow in the dark. Whats really odd is the glow is white, like pure energy, not yellow or orange like volcanos. You can also make out some metallic structures on the right of the white structure. It also looks like NASA brushed over the main object to make it look dome-like. This photo has about 10% better detail than others, however did you notice that last months close up that I altered to make clear, is very accurate in shape and size? Photos above are the new ones, the close ups below are from last month when I focused them. Mine are spot on. SCW


  1. Amazing....thanks for the news Scott...

  2. Amazing....thanks for the news Scott...

  3. nasa investing big money for new project for search earth like planet but if we found earth like planet still same we can't contact we can't go there bcoz it's very far far why they not focus on ceres may be that white spot is pure enrgy it's help us to make light speed traveling space craft may be but reality is we don't no about our solar system and we going to search other solar system


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