UFO Disk Hidden In Crater On Mars, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://viewer.mars.asu.edu/planetview/inst/ctx/B19_016974_2190_XN_39N020W#P=B19_016974_2190_XN_39N020W&T=2&start=

I have seen such ships parked in craters before, it was on Earths moon. This is on Mars and we see a very large disk shaped UFO that has long ago landed in the crater. They take refuge in the crater to protect it in case they need to salvage anything from it later. You see, the walls of the crater give it a lot of added protection from both meteorites and aliens who wish to salvage parts or all of it. In any case, this ship is to old to fly any more and probably has been here for thousands of years. SCW


  1. Everytime we get info about Mars. I keep thinking of the book "Stranger in a Strange Land".
    I know ...I know it's silly but I do. Lol

  2. Yes but 1st the still usable vehicals power source mtrl & quite possibly its motor/motors is removed from the salvaged craft to also insure anyone or thing w/ ill intent wont weaponize it or drop the engine & pwr source into a unauthorize vehical & get it runnin, 2nd after all salvagable parts have been striped out then in all probability there could possibly be homeless humaniods & or critters of various kinds living inside the huge possibly mall sized stripped out vessels hull to protect themselves/itselves from outside weather element's, hell lets take this a step furthure Scott & fellow crewmates, i see sections that somewhat are segragated little cities & fethdoms inside these very huge derilect vessels of different critters & humaniods literaly in some cases if not most LIVING OFF EA OTHER in somehat horrific ways until the technocratic society/societys thats responsible for those vessels decides to vaporize them & its inhabitants out of existance to prevent the multiplication of the dominant homeless species in those technocatic controled outback regions of the moon & mars in particular w/ the larger propensity for mutated martian wild life than the moons outback regions...

    Ladies & Gents, we do have reason w/ out any dought that there exist homelessness on the moon & mars...


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