Alien Critter Found On Mars, Gazing At Rover Aug 30, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Update: Aug 31, 2015. I made a map photo of the items below. 

Date of discovery: August 30, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/press/spirit/20060911b/seminole_iff_cypsu_L2_brt_byte-A943R1.jpg

While looking over a Mars photo, I found a lot of amazing structures, but the most important of them all is the life form. There is a life form looking over a rock at the Mars rover. It looks like it has a single long eye, two long bent arms and a thin body. The legs are not visible behind the rock. 

There are also some other interesting discoveries I made. I found another reptilian head that looks like a lizard. I found two more ships, one of a design thats very artistic. The other ship flat and long with a cockpit window. There is a also a head looking up at the sky which looks aquatic, because it has a fin for an ear. 

There is so much evidence of intelligent life in this NASA photo, its really amazing that the public hasn't done this kind of research long ago. I wonder what stigma is stoping them from trying?
Scott C. Waring


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    1. No it works, but its really big. I will make another map photo to show where at bottom of post. I forgot to do that.

  2. I agree people don't want to accept the truth it scares them!

    1. Carl Rogers once said, "The truth will set you free, but first it will hurt like hell."

    2. Scott do you thk that death ray weapon possibly petrified aquatic life forms that lived in underwater regions of mars during the global attack perhaps...

      You dont have to answer that Scott, however I THK SO, & its a possibility that yes there could be a certain limited range for this weapon sys to be effective to even certain limited depths in ocean type conditions that would naturally harbour sea creatures as big or maybe even bigger than whales we know of on earth...

      Im speculating that this petrifieing weapon sys had possibly a deadly effect up to certain depths while aimed towards underground & underwater regions of mars & that quite possibly the operators & tech crew of this weapon & the weapon sys itself were eventually taken out during the global comflict to prevent furture petrification from this style of weaponry this particular ET force had utilized on the populous of mars back in the day, tho other races or civilizations of beings utilized focased burning searing & vaporizin good old intense photon propertied directeted energy beam lances @ there targets, some used frequency wave weapons stimulate siesmic & weather warfare cond's i see now, & not to mention explosive projectiles being utilized tho to a limited degree depending on the waring factions thats envolved tech level, tho i surmise that the higher the tech level the greater the chances of success, tho a tactical david & gelioth scenario just might have occured w/ the polarizing petrification weapon sys's/sys & its operations staff & crew totally wipeing them out for eternity imo to not petrify another world.

      I hope it wasnt the returning Nirubians that had that petrifying weapon & if so it might mean trouble for are behinds if they dont like US living on earth anymore.

    3. I believe the weapon was a phaser type, and that it is the cause of these tiny blue berry balls found on the planet that are pea size. It doesn't destroy matter, but tear it apart on a smaller scale. That is why so many objects are sliced and diced with clean cuts.

      As for the underground cities...I am certain that many areas of each base survived, so a lot of people must have survived, but only if their technology still worked after such a massive attack. There are always pockets that will survive.

    4. Interesting very interesting, yes yes pockets of ancient mars civilization survived absolutely, & i can only concieve also is that the surviving higher tech societys partialy scattered on 2days mars surface & vastly more than likely undergroung mars societys have not decided to have a global Urban Renewal Prog to clean up all the surface junk thats left from back in mars day it seems, & to reterraform the mars surface, but for some reason they dont do this, thats why i believe that the survivors of mars are not operating in a global cooperative society & may not be the same people & cultures left too im reckoning, & possibly ever since the global downfall the elite survivers IF ANY WERE LEFT just may have evolved into powerfull martian clans thru out planet mars I,g. a Speculative Theory of mine Scott...

      It seems that theres no will for some strange reason to clean up the mess of mars past global catastrophe by any pwrfull survivers living above & below the surface of 2days mars that always puzzled me is all im indicating.

    5. As one of my after thoughts Scott, lets go back to your PHASER & BERRY Ball mars ancient weapons theory, Mu ha ha ha your not discribing the 60's NBC's ST TV series style ship photon phaser, OR maybe could it had been something that no scientist, engineer OR tech in that order on modern day earth can fully explain or even capable of explaining w/ out a study sample, but all in all would unanimously agree imo that a molecule DISRUPTION was indeed performed I,e. that literally changed the molecule structure of mtrl objects to a stone like existance in mars ancient past when targeted as a physical result of the after effects of what i still call a "Molecule Disruption Weapon" tho the term Phaser seems out there Scott, but ill ask you sir, how the hell your theory of these "Berry Balls" resulted from the weapon after beeing discharged, or for the novice out there FIRED, & again your description how these Berry Balls worked, are they in principle known by many gnd troops in Viet Nam as knicked named "Buncing Bettys", I,e. those those air to surface anti personell devices you would know being X AF Scott, ok ok for those that dont know its the smaller bomblets thats released from the in flight mother carrier bomb, & even after further thought how do this ancient mars Polarizing Weapon produced a Berry Ball side effect weapon is all im asking Scott ????...

      No harm intended pal.

  3. Cool thanks, I was looking, yeah its a big picture this one and usually I can line email up and track email down but this one lost I thought I had it on bottom left but it just didn't seem to match

  4. Hi Scott any idea where those beams of light were located ?

  5. I see triangle and dome like buildings

  6. This is real. I like this. Its a lot better than that crap that ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon and SecureTeam10 of Youtube fakes all their videos with CGI and now started make fake reports to go with them. Watch out for those guys Scott. Stay safe bro.

  7. Scott, a couple of observations on the lower "Alien Ship" photo:
    1. At the bottom center of the outlining oval, there is a light colored rock. To the right, if you look close, it looks like the same head that you point out above with a "single long eye" ( I see two eyes on your 'Alien LIfe Form,' and what looks like a head on this lowest photo. It does look like some possible Photoshop smudging going on around here as well...
    2. On the first (top) "Alien Ship" photo, although I need to know the actual size to feel more confident in my speculation, it looks more like a "left alien forearm-hand" than a ship; I see the first finger bent down, and then two other fingers open - almost like it was blown off the body it was attached to.

    Is there a way you can interpolate the distance, rather, the lengths of the objects? While probably irrelevant, it does help one imagine an object more realistically (Pareidoliacally, that is!)

  8. True, the eye of the creature might be two large dark eyes, but the blur from the distance is difficult to make out. I agree 100% on that it could be two eyes. UK hacker Gary McKinnion said he saw proof of NASA bluring out images when he broke into the Johnsons Space Center photo Labs.

    You said, "as if it was blown off the body it was attached to." That my friend...is the answer. I discovered that too. The lizard head appears to have been cut off with a very powerful weapon. It was not a statue, but an AI living technology creature. I have more evidence of this in a future post.

    The second ship may be something very different than a ship. That one I almost didn't include in the post because I had trouble making out what it was, but it was significant from its design.

    The distance and size can only be guessed. I would estimate the rock the living creature is on is 2.5 meters across and the creatures hight would be about 1.5-1.6 meters if it stood fully up. Its arm length is quite long, about 1.1-1.2 meters...if extended out.


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