Triangle UFO Passes Space Station On Live Cam, Aug 7, 2015, UFO Sighting Daily.

Date of sighting: Aug 7, 2015
Location of sighting: International Space Station
Method: Live Internet Cam

I was watching the space station listening to their conversation because my name is Scott, and I heard them chatting on the station to a person named Scott. So I was ease dropping on the conversation when I noticed this UFO. The object has three main glowing lights and looks a lot like a TR3B, except this one is like a three arm starfish shape. I caught it on video, so tell me what you think of it. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. U lucky bugger! I agree, that's a rarity that it wasn't cut off. 100 points

  2. Hmm...very interesting..and somehow one person i know still believes we're alone..had a long argument with her about it. Wait till she sees one for herself.

  3. FINALLY!!! Photos and a few pics are on your wakbook pg, oh Facebook. I call it wakbook cos its wak... Did u know on your last wakbook update you agreed for fbook and "other" parties have the right to use YOUR camera on your phone or pc at anytime!!! NO JOKES IF U DON'T BELIEVE IT, WHICH THEY DO, READ YOUR FACEBOOK CONTRACT BEFORE UPDATING.

  4. I saw something similar but I saw what looked like a group of 5 lights moving silently. They were not flying in a straight line but instead like a swarm of flies, a bit scatty. Then one broke away from formation

  5. The film is black save for the object's lights. This could be anything. A satellight, lights on an island over the Pacific, etc. I wouldn't jump to conclusions on this one. The motion is arched and constant speed indicated it is probably stationary athe the station moving.

  6. @My Reviews bro that could be a flying candle what u saw 35% people see's flying candle and says i saw a ufo thanks

  7. Interesting story.

    Ben Rich has said that UFOs are real.


    It could be that the object is a TR-3B, a craft assumed to have been built using back engineering with recovered alien technology, it has also been stated that mankind has the technology to go to the stars and beyond, mankind is believed to be decades and decades ahead of what it should.

  8. This could be ANYTHING and since it was shown uncensored and with no one acknowledging it, I would tend to believe it's nothing to get excited about. I'm a believer. Just not this one.


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