UFO Over Mexico Gets Caught Near Clouds In Day light, Aug 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2015
Location of sighting: Mexico

This UFO was caught not by watching the sky, but by leaving the camera and letting it record. This is smart, because a lot of UFOs can hear your thoughts from a distance and thus, the UFO will automatically cloak itself. Have you ever looked at a UFO cloud and then instantly it starts to disappear before your eyes? Thats it. Its a auto cloaking system that works really well, but not well enough. Because no one was watching, this UFO thought it was safe to shoot past. Nice catch. 
Scott C. Waring
Eyewitness states:
UFO suddenly appears before my camera here confirmed that it is no coincidence other sightings I've seen, so I left with my camera and without investing much time managed to film the UFO, which seems to me also that you can try a Dimensional Portal.


  1. This is true Scott , as you say the ufo's can hear or listen to our thoughts from far away , I had one incident at work, I was taking a break with a co-wroker at the time, Naturally I always look up to the sky, the time was 6:39p CT, I had seen this "star" it was gleaming bright blue almost like a blue torch in the sky, I couldn't tell you how high it was , but as soon as I had mention it to my co-worker ( he'd seen it too) it was elavating its self more and thus disappearing into the sky , this was not a plane because this "star" was stationary & stars don't fade into the atmosphere - in those few minutes turn seconds, I had figured out that I had seen a UFO. (honestly I didn't want to tell my co-worker what I was seeing) but either way, I have a witness to say that I was not the only one looking at a UFO.

    Keep it up Scot! I can live off you website so much knowledge and proof that they are out there and even mingling with us !
    one love!

  2. 2 days ago in Tracy ca Me and my Mother saw a UFO at dusk right before it was dark. It was while she was driving and within 10 seconds of us saying what is that! It started moving fast at an angle and vanished mid air. "Cloaking" itself as soon as we understood what we saw. Shocking and crazy


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