UFO Seen Over Lambourn, England Causing Residents To Worry, Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June to Aug 2015, but video from June 12, 2015.
Location of sighting: Lambourn, England
News source: http://www.newburytoday.co.uk/news/news/15310/They-re-back--Now-UFO.html

It looks like this plane was sent to check out a strange anomaly on radar, and instead found this UFO. The plane continues on its way, but the UFO stays in the area. This UFO has been seen over several neighbouring cities of the area. Time to panic? No, UFOs usual are only coming and going from bases, but this one is searching for something. Probably seating for a rare artefact lost long ago. 

Scott C. Waring
News states:
STRANGE lights in the skies over Hungerford are now appearing in Lambourn. Last month, Hungerford resident Vanessa Cloete snapped an image of a strange object above her home in the Charnham Park area. Several others subsequently reported seeing what appeared to be the same object making apparently controlled manoeuvres over the town. Now Carole Betts, aged 50, has seen not one, but two similar objects “zipping about” the sky over her home in Lambourn. She said: “I was leaning out of the window having a cigarette. “There were two objects moving around and they were white, with a blob in the middle. “I tried to film them, but it didn’t come out clearly. “They appeared to be over Upper Lambourn and whizzed about for around five minutes before vanishing. “Since the original story (in the Hungerford edition of the Newbury Weekly News and on Newburytoday.co.uk) I’ve had friends in Cirencester (in Gloucestershire) tell me they’ve seen something very similar. We all just want to know what on earth they are.” Previously, Mark Ash, who lives in Newbury, also reported seeing the phenomenon in the direction of Hungerford. But his experience was different – because it was a daytime sighting. He described it as “like a ballbearing hanging in the sky... metallic and silvery.” Ufologist Roy Hale, who runs a national UFO reporting website and viewed Ms Cloete’s photograph of the object, said there had been similar reports nationwide but that there was no obvious explanation for the phenomenon.