Area 51 soldiers terrorize family to try to force them to leave the land, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: Sept 2015
Location of interview: Area 51

The US government is forcing this family to take the money and get out. They are terrorizing this American family, who just wants to be let alone to mine for their gold. Is 5 million enough? Probably not for a gold mine. Sounds like bread crumbs, but what they need is support, so if you are in the area call up the congressman near Area 51 and give him something to remember!
Scott C. Waring

News states:
The Sheahan Family has owned the Groom Mine along with 400 acres of land in the mountains of southern Nevada since 1889. In the 1950's the Federal Government began using the mountain ranges and valleys near the Sheahan's property as nuclear testing grounds as well as developing the most secretive, high-tech aircraft. Those areas are commonly known as the Nevada Test Site and Area 51. Through the years the Federal Government took control of a large chunk of the land and used it for various military testing. The Sheahan's property was essentially swallowed up. After 60 plus years of being neighbors, the Federal Government offered to buy out the Sheahan family.


  1. Their asking price of $13odd mil for their property isn't unreasonable. It is theirs and that's the price they said would sell it ...... so that's my understanding as I have read in the papers
    Its not as if the govt can't afford it.They just don't want to pay that much.
    How many movies have been made where the rich and powerful have bullied the small person into giving up what they own

  2. Only cowards would do that to a hard working family. It's all Obamas fault. He is ruining America.

    1. 'm sorry to burst your bubble but government has been practing this sort of behavior since then 1900s. Although our history books are often altered to deflect true events, there are still people living who can attest to this...think TVA ...which you can Google for your history lesson today

  3. They will eventually claim eminent domain.. After exuasting all other methods for claiming the land. I hope this couple manage to win and keep their property.

  4. Stop the video at 4:33 you see 2 flying objects. Maybe jets idk. Check it out in the grey and while picture

  5. Stop video at 4:33 look on the top on the pic you'll see 2 UFO

  6. wow. u know that the POTUS no matter who or which party is just a face for the same entity. People have got to stop taking the bait when it comes to petty and trivial stuff instead of looking big picture and address the real roots to our problems. They love to hear Its Obamas fault or cops fighting citizens, protest against law enforcement. Should start looking into places and the people in the shadows around the FED maybe?

  7. Could it be possible that some test & defense pilots possibly even guards @ A-51could very well be under mind control, OR full human type ET's if not possibly hybrid humans working @ various levels as of right now this nano sec, hell they might not even get paid in cash w/ great gov serv benefit & retirement pkg's to pay for there time in gov serv @ A-51 the savings the feds would save hirin those guys ha, unless the ET's & Hybrids pay bills, gamble & dine in LV thats close by via there personal bank accts debit cards & cash i cant fathom...

    Would the ET's & Hybrids accept cash payments for there employment services @ A-51???????


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