CERN Opens Black Hole To Another Universe, Sept 10, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 10, 2015
Location of discovery: CERN

BPEarthWatch of Youtube found a black hole in some of CERNs diagrams of current progress. For many years, since a few months before CERN was begun, I have warned that this massive collider could make back holes. Now that sounds cool in theory, but remember Earth will be very close to it and...if you will...try to imagine the Earth sucked through a hole the size of a straw. Thats a mini black hole.  You ever see a child playing with a priceless Ming vase? The child is CERN, and the vase...is Earth.
Scott C. Waring

BPEarthWatch states:
CERN INCREASED THE BUNCHES IN THE 13 TEV COLLISIONS FROM 480 AT 25 ns to 750. Never Before Seen Images. Was a Portal to another Universe opened?