UFOs Over Los Angeles, California On Sept 5, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 5, 2015
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

This person Chris Montague of Youtube caught these UFOs over LA this week. I like how he shows the spectators and then zooms in on the UFOs. It gives us perspective. Its proof its real. He does not have any other UFO videos on his channel, only this one and some family stuff. Other channels are copying his video, but Chris was the eyewitness that recorded it.

UFOs over LA is nothing new. Even actor Dan Ackroyd saw one in Hollywood Hills near his home long ago. He said he woke up as if something was pulling him out side. Then he saw it. Aliens in LA...yeah, I was born in Hollywood, and I can tell you, thats nothing new. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
From the Griffith Observatory we saw what looked like a meteor or an airplane on fire coming towards the earth's surface. The fire ball suddenly stopped in mid air, moved around slowly, then the light burned out. 8 seconds later it reappeared seemingly hundreds of feet above where it burned out. Then a few seconds later, a second light appeared and the two joined together in mid-sky before burning out.


  1. That was very cool! I wish it wasn't so far away! Also has any other footage popped up from a different location or anything?

  2. towards the end how ufo light descends and is virtually ''landing''. weel ,that's what happened to me ,ufo was in sky and almost all of a sudden descended toward a downtown street and landed or at least disappeared on roof of building that was less than 15 feet high directly in front of me. ufo was going right to left way up in sky then came down directly in line where I was standing. as if you were frozen in place watching it and it held your attention. it landed a few feet back from roof ledge otherwise it would have landed at your feet! it was a big light when in sky like this video but when it came down to me it was only the size of a slightly larger basketball.this was a few months after ''phoenix lights''' appearance. ----as you can see from march 13 1997 phoenix lights famous photo these los angeles lights are obvios the same entities. 18 years they've been hide and seek ,you wonder what next step is.

  3. also mr. earing ,when I contacted NUFORC about my first sightings way back when ,the webmaster hung up on me because I didn't want to give personal logistics of what I saw. you get what I mean. well, mr. davenport unknowingly hung up on a genuine ufo contactee. so its nice to be able to communicate to the world here. I must say though, that that French open fake plane ufo flying backward was beyond anything I thought the aliens would do. actually underestimated the aliens. well what do you expect for advanced chimpanzees.just joking. you never thought they would ''fly a plane'' backwards....that's relatively outrageous. that video is probably the best one of ufo videos. real liking ''jetliner'' going in rerverse.what a sense of humor.

    1. WTF???? The "FRENCH OPEN" PLANE was they're action cam to follow the on court play! It sits on cable about 15 ft above the court and goes back and forth following the play, and it was a camera box cut and painted like a model plane! GET OFF THE GRASS!!! And I think I'm a tripper? Oh look it up and you'll see full explanations made an hour after that bulletin went out..... Same as football cam. Soccer cam. Athletics cam. Rugby cam.......

  4. Great video. Thats pretty wild. Too bad he didn't record its descent to the point where the video starts as he described it.

  5. I used to live in LA & must have noticed roughly several Unidentified Flying Objects seen off the coast over the ocean where ive noticed the many sightings around there sometimes, & ive noticed them from the city of venice coastline thats parallel to the PCH to county line just north on PCH or Pacific Coast Highway, & i really do suspect that they have underwater bases located somewhere around that region.

    The RAND or the "Research Aerospace and Defense Corp" if my memory of THAT particular agencys acronym title is correct is located on ocean & pico blvd's in the beautiful coastal city of Santa Monica just directly across the st from the Santa Monica City Hall, & i would be absolutely certain that theres a secret group @ RAND that knows whats up, Ah Hum Pun Intended.


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